Our goal was to create
the safest paper on
the European market.

Today we can say that
we have achieved 100% SUCCESS.

NanoPaper ™ products protect us
from harmful microorganisms

Why choose nanoPaper ™ products?

Nanosilver colloid is used for

medical purposes.

nanoPaper ™ products are 100% safe  Currently on the market, there are many products with silver that can be consumed for therapeutic purposes.

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Currently, colloidal silver is widely used.

First of all, it is used for:

  1. Ophthalmology as an agent in the form of eye
    drops, ointments intended for the treatment of
    bacterial conjunctivitis,
  2. Dermatology, where ointments and colloidal
    silver solutions are used to fight burns and
    ulcers that are difficult to heal.


Application of colloidal silver

„Nanosilver is brown
hence the creamy color of our products „

Laboratory tests confirming the inhibition of microbial growth on the surface of nanoPaper ™ products up to:

1 %

The papers of nanoPaper™ brand are unique because they contain silver nanoparticles. Whenin contact with microorganisms, nanosilver penetrates them and destroys them from the inside. We are the only company that has apatented invention to effectively apply silvernanoparticles to paper. As a few manufacturers from many industries offering products withnanosilver, we declare the content of nanoparticles in the effective range of 25ppm+/- 5ppm. Thanks to this, it is impossible for dangerous bacteria to survive on the surface of silver coated paper with nanoparticles. The properties of silver are well known. Extensive research is being conducted around the world on the effects of nanosilver on many microorganisms.

Did you know that:


Studies at the University of Arizona show surprising results. On average, 150 times more germs are found on the surfaces of toilet paper and paper towels dispensers. nanoPAPER  towels prevent germs from breeding inside the paper even when in direct contact with contaminated surfaces.


NANOPAPER towels protect against bacteria that can  aturally occur in paper. Scientists say they found bacteria that cause a variety of diseases on unused paper towels. It has also been found that these bacteria can be transmitted even on washed hands. Researchers from the University of Laval in Canada tested six commercial paper brands used in a number of public toilets. Bacteria were found in all of them, but towels made from recycled fibers
proved to be the most contaminated.


In 2014, researchers from the University of Leeds reported that hand dryers in public toilets have nothing to do with hygiene. In fact, theyspread bacteria from the surface of the users’unwashed hands. These bacteria circulate in theair in an alarming amount and settle on nearbysurfaces. Toilet paper is also such a surface.Public toilets where hand dryers are installed can expose us to viral or bacterial infectionsmore frequently. NANOPAPERproductssignificantly protect us against this threat.


Investigating the environmental

impact of nanosilver

Text from www.cordis.europa.eu.  CORDIS is the Community Research and Development Information Service of European Union


„These days, antimicrobial silver nanoparticles are used in a variety of ways, such as for preventing unpleasant odours caused by bacteria in sport shirts or socks. While silver’s antibacterial properties have been appreciated, there has always been a concern over the effect nanosilver may have when it is released into wastewater during washing. Research has shown that nanosilver presents a minute risk to the environment as it is transformed into a nearly insoluble substance called silver sulphide in wastewater treatments.”

Buying our products made of cellulose you have a guarantee that the wood used for its production comes from a legal source

  The OLMAR Sp. z o.o. the owner of the NANOPAPER ™ brand is a proud holder of the FSC® certificate. Compliance with FSC guidelines enables logging while promoting responsible forest management around the world, helping to preserve forests for future generations. The FSC system is currently recognized as one of the most reliable among the existing forest resource certification systems, as the only one supported by major ecological organizations


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